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Here's The $19,924 REAL WORLD VALUE Bonus Package You'll Receive (Today Only, May 26th) With 1 Page Profits:

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Bonus #1 – 1 PAGE PROFITS $700 Day Quick Cash App: (Value $1,699) I want my subscribers to make money right out of the gate. So I went ahead and had everything I did to earn the money (which I showed you in my results slide) automated so you can just download and copy. This is not available anywhere else and in reality, I’m literally handing you thousands in commissions with this bonus alone.

Bonus #2 – 1 PAGE PROFITS Lightning Money Funnel: (Value $1,467) When you have a profit funnel that "makes you money passively 24/7" it makes this whole process a lot more fun. I made a quick cash lightning funnel that will get you earning quickly (especially if you are new to all this or have not had success in the past.) I will set up, host and install an exclusive copy for you for free.

Bonus #3 – Commission Reign: (Value $867) When a friend or one of my subscribers is in a pinch and needs a payday, I refer them to my "go-to emergency solution" where you can get paid in just 3 clicks. I will include this as a bonus for you today but please keep it to yourself, this is only for my subscribers.

Bonus #4 – Click Profits $500: (Value $597) Folks seem to overthink things and make them more difficult than they need to be. This award winning series has more success stories from newbies than any other I have seen. It's way better than most of the paid products and it's yours free. Once you get the hang of it, you can just rinse and repeat those $500 commissions.

Bonus #5 – Crisis Cash $1,000: (Value $477) I know some of you are hurting now so I put together an "emergency video series" where I show you 10 other surefire ways you can make $1,000 immediately. I'm in the know of what's working NOW, so this bonus explains what's working and shows you step-by-step how to profit.

Bonus #6 – A Living Wage in 14 Days: (Value $299) I guarantee this method will get you out of any financial pickle you may find yourself in. This method won't make you rich but will get you in the game and can easily replace a job. I like that this is so paint-by-numbers, it's virtually impossible to fail when you follow the 3 simple steps.

Bonus #7 – 1 Year Free Access To The “Newbie Quick Cash Group” (Value $3,200 Annually) Newbies don’t usually have access to many of the underground methods that are working NOW, the high- level masterminds are simply out of reach for most. With the new group you’ll no longer be on the outside looking in as you’ll be shown "where the real opportunities are and how to capitalize now".

Bonus #8 – [Round 9] Free Access To My “VIP Black Label Traffic Blitz” (Value $2,450) The VIP Black Label Traffic Blitz is a program that I normally sell on my website but I will give it to you for free today. What you are getting is 5,500 hot vetted buyers from my inside traffic sources. Think of it as a "shock and awe assault" getting you massive traffic instantly to any of your offers, anytime you like.

Bonus #9 – 43, 692 Free Leads Bonus: (Value $2,877) I will give you 43, 692 NEW responsive leads (brand new for this week) to use in your business and show you how to make money with them fast. I have to limit how many of these I will give away so if this slide is still up it means this bonus is still available. This is the perfect compliment for 1 Page Profits and will give you a huge head start.

Bonus #10 - Free One On One Strategy Call: (Value $997) Often it’s that "one light-bulb moment" that makes a huge difference. Things that seem difficult to you, when explained properly from someone that has been there and done that, are actually very easy. Let me help you get your business on track!

Bonus #11 – All My Top Selling Courses, Masterminds and Tutorials (Value $1,997 Updated Revised 3.0) I’m getting ready for an early retirement, so in light of passing it on, I’m going to give you "ALL my personal courses and tutorials" which includes all the upgrades. Every one of my products has gone on to sell 10’s of thousands of copies and made everyday people a lot of money.

Bonus #12 – Your Own Cash Pumping Website With Free Lifetime Hosting (Priceless!! Back by popular demand one last time) Although you DO NOT need to have hosting or a website to make this method work, at one point or another in your online career you will want to set up a website as a home base and have it hosted. So my team will set up and install your website AND host it (lifetime) for free. Considering how much this would cost to have done plus the cost of lifetime hosting, this is the steal of the year!!

Bonus #13 – E-Mailing To My Buyers Lists: (Value $2,997) I have massive buyers lists and one e-mail from me can put you on the map overnight. I want you all to hit the ground running and a mailing to the offer of your choice will get you in the game fast. You can’t buy mailings from me, this is strictly to help my subscribers win.

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

(Please note that the subscribers only special will be taken down when the bonus timer runs out)

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